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Future Forward
Will Social Media Deliver Jan 6 Evidence? Future Forward -

Today – Social Media evidence is being roped in to the Jan 6th investigation. Then – a big concession by Apple, but is it really? And Netflix dips its toe in Gaming, but why?  I’m Steven Rosenbaum and this is Future Forward,  I’m Alexa Scordato – let’s launch! 

Chapter 1 – the Jan 6th investigation ropes in tech

Congressional panel investigating Jan. 6 insurrection demands records from Facebook, Twitter, other tech firms


Chapter 2 – Apple caves, or did they?

Apple’s $100 million settlement agreement changes a key App Store rule for developers


The App Store is too big to change


Chapter 3 – What does Netflix move into gaming mean? 

Netflix takes first stab at mobile gaming in its Android app, but only in Poland

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