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Transportation Innovation -Future Forward #389

Today – Transportation Innovation. Are electric vehicles inevitable, or stuck in the mud?  Then – a peek into privacy. Moscow’s Metro now knows you by face. And,  can AI predict the future? The Pentagon is betting it can. I’m Steven Rosenbaum, and this is Future Forward. I’m Alexa Scordato – Let’s Launch!

1. Electric Cars 

Tesla officially launches its insurance using ‘real-time driving behavior,’ starting in Texas

Porsche’s all-electric Taycan outsells its flagship 911 sports car

Plug-in cars are the future. The grid isn’t ready.


A life and death question for regulators: Is Tesla’s Autopilot safe?


Tesla owners can now request ‘Full Self-Driving’, prompting criticism from regulators and safety advocates


2. Moscow Metro

Privacy fears as Moscow metro rolls out facial recognition pay system


3. Pentagon Wants AI to Predict Events Before They Occur

Haven’t we seen this film before?

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