Today – a deep dive into subject that is both funny, and not so much. Summertime Scams. The rip offs that are growing as people look for get rich quick schemes.  Covid scams, Crypto Scams, Voting Scams, even Insta scams. And sadly, we can go back to 9/11 scams. Yup people did that back then.I’m Steven Rosenbaum – and this is Future Forward. And I’m Alexa Scordato – lets launch.

Remember 9/11 Scams?

Prepare for the coronavirus scams: Learning from post-9/11 fraud

Covid scams 

Scammers Love a Crisis. Here’s What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

Coronavirus Update: New Yorkers Warned About COVID-19 Testing Scam

Crypto scams

Twitter’s Direct Messages Is a Bigger Headache Than the Bitcoin Scam

Craigslist Scams


Insta scams 

Why Do People Keep Falling for This Instagram Scam?

Voting scams

The Most Common Voting Scams—and How to Get Around Them

Here are the top 2020 political donation scams and how to spot them
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