Future Forward
Future Forward
Future Forward
The Future of Pet Tech - Future Forward #399

Today, if you’re a Dog Person or a Cat Person, this Pod is for YOU!

We’re diving into Pet Tech. And it’s a big category.

From door-to-door vets to airtags for dogs – we’ve got it all.

This is Future Forward, the Future of our Digital Dogs (and cats too!).

I’m Alexa Scordato, and I’m Steven Rosenbaum, Let’s Launch!

Future Forward: Special Edition: Pet Tech

Puppy Tech is Changing the Journey of our Pet – Get the right Stuff to Improve their Lives


Chapter 1 Pet Health

Meet the New Family Vet! The Vets Just Raised $40M to Bring White Glove Veterinary Care


New pet tech at CES treats dogs and cats like the complex beings they are

Chapter 2 Pet Tech Investment

Meet the investors betting on pet tech


Chapter 3 – Gizmo’s 

Best pet tech devices: Litter Robot, Eufy Robovac, Furbo and more


Wagz Tagz are like AirTags for keeping your dog off the couch


This smart collar wants to be an Apple Watch for your dog

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