Today on Future Forward – the Future of Health. Is a virtual journey to the Dr. Office in your future? On-demand services, pricing transparency, and tech improved outcomes.
I’m Alexa Scordato and I’m Steven Rosenbaum – let’s launch.

Future Forward – The Future of Health

CHAPTER 1: Tech-enabled patient care:

Forward Health – no more starting at back of doctor’s head; they pull up all your charts/stats on screen so you can review together!

Parsley Health – Similar to above, but less emphasis on cutting edge technology; more about principled holistic and preventative care

Maven Clinic – Specializes in women’s health on-demand (chat based texts with ob-gyn and/or video calls)

Warby Parker Virtual Eye Exam

CHAPTER 2: Pricing and Transparency

White House to Issue Healthcare Price Transparency Next Week

Without transparency, health-care industry will keep price-gouging

Hospitals’ confusing online price lists give patients a headache


CHAPTER 3: Hight Tech Innovation

Scanning Your Eyes for Alzheimer’s

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