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Future Forward
The Digital Services Act: Future Forward #410

Today – the Digital Services Act Aims to crack down on misinformation and mandate transparent practices. Sounds good? It is, for Europe. The US, not so fast. Then, DJI is the leading drone company in the world. For a few hundred bucks you can great a flying robot and take to the skies. But DJI is a Chinese company, and now their use in the Ukraine is getting some serious criticism. And Finally – If I give my computer a thumbs up, or wave away a screen – will it work? Now Zoom is saying yes to gesture recognition. Who will be next?I’m Laura Fitton, and this is Future Forward. I’m Steven Rosenbaum, Let’s Launch.

Can Europe Force the US to implement new laws, or behaviors

Meta, Amazon, and TikTok Likely to Face New Legal Restraints in Europe, That Could Have Global Effects

As Europe Approves New Tech Laws, the U.S. Falls Further Behind

EU to unveil landmark law to force Big Tech to police illegal content

Are Chinese Drones being Politicized?

Ukraine Sounds Alarm on Chinese Drones, Opening Skies to U.S. Startups

Gesture recognition – is on it’s way to being expected?

Zoom’s thumbs-up and raise-hand gesture recognition now works in its desktop apps

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