Future Forward
Future Forward
Future Forward
Robots Get Enhanced Autonomy- Future Forward #320

Today – even in this world of searchable everything: now does a fmr Neo Nazi get VC funding? Then can a robot be cute AND deadly? And the Grand Reopening has Tech Leaders at odds. I’m Alexa Scordato and this is Future Forward.I’m Steven Rosenbaum, let’s Launch

Chapter 1: The Neo Nazi CEO

Banjo CEO steps down as fallout from revelations of past ties to KKK continues


Chapter 2: Cute, Cuddly  – Killer Robots:

Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Gets Even More Capable With Enhanced Autonomy, Mobility


Chatper 3: The Grand Re-Opening… Sort of:

Twitter disputes State Department claims China coordinated coronavirus disinformation accounts


Apple plans gradual reopening of US retail stores beginning next week

Reopening debate opens tech rift

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