Future Forward
Future Forward
Future Forward
Robot Bob Garfield

Face the music and dance.

Robots. Are they coming to take your jobs?
Today, we have a show that has creatives cowering behind their keyboards. Has AI really arrived, and will it take our jobs?
Is Robot Garfield likely to replace Human Garfield – and how soon.
Bob – tell us – is AI likely to automate you?

Will Robots become Journalists, Artists, Designers?

A Coming-Out Party for Generative A.I., Silicon Valley’s New Craze

Adobe sees AI helping artists, not eating their lunch

Does the public have the right to know about politicians medical conditions?

Walker Says His Mental Illness Is Healed. Experts Say It’s Not So Simple.


Is Dr. Oz Really a Doctor?

Dr. Oz Shouldn’t Be a Senator—or a Doctor

Dr. Oz’s Sad Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

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