Today – we’ll put the “G” in global, and look around the world. Then, summer is canceled. Ugh. And retail therapy is a real thing. 
I’m Alexa Scordato and this is Future Forward. I’m Steven Rosenbaum, let’s launch. 



Daily Death Tools – Financial Times:

Emirates begins rapid testing for all airline passengers:

Singapore seeing a jump in cases, mostly foreign workers:

New Zealand’s elimination response:

The latest on Italy and Tehran:

Spanish Researchers Use Blockchain and AI to Flatten the Curve


2020 Cancelled!

Facebook says no large events til 2021

No sports til 2021 possible:

Just got my Shakespeare in the park email 🙁 


Retail therapy is real! 

Shopify seeing Black Friday type sales every day:

How to be more conscientious online shoppers:

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