Future Forward
Future Forward
Future Forward
Moon Shot - FuFWD: #OO89

Today’s Future Forward is a Moon Shot – literally. We’ll explore a Lunar Space Station with IEEE Spectrum Magazine’s Executive Editor Glenn Zorpette. Living on the Moon might be realer then you think.Then, VidCon. the Anaheim YouTube Convention Grows up. I’m Steve Rosenbaum. And I’m Alexa Scordato – Let’s Launch!

NASA’s Lunar Space Station Is a Great/Terrible Idea

Moondust, Radiation, and Low Gravity: The Health Risks of Living on the Moon


Chapter #2 VidCon – News from Anaheim

YouTube is giving creators more ways to make money

YouTube drafting ‘creator-on-creator harassment’ rules after Steven Crowder incident

Deepfakes freak YouTubers out. Vidcon offers a way to prepare

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