Future Forward
Future Forward
Future Forward
MicroLEDs And VR - FuFWD #0090

Today on Future Forward – Big News in Print Land, and it’s not good. Then – Surveillance. Amazon adds a creepy sci-fi piece to digital doorbells. And, in the fast-changing world of Micro everything – could a MicroLED mean big changes ahead? I’m Alexa Scordato and I’m Steve Rosenbaum – Let’s Launch –

Elliott Management to acquire Barnes & Noble for $683 million

Entertainment Weekly Going Monthly

Chapter 2 / Our Surveillance Culture

Amazon’s Home Surveillance Company Is Putting Suspected Petty Thieves in its Advertisements

Logan’s Run Predicted Neighborhood Techno-Spies

Chapter 3 – Smaller / Faster Computing

This MicroLED Display Is Smaller Than a Bug

Another Step Toward the End of Moore’s Law

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