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Labor vs. Robots: Game On! #0092

Future Forward Episode #0092 / The Labor Day Edition

Today – a deep dive into the world of Labor. Workers. Jobs. and How Robots Could Change EVERYTHING. I’m Alexa Scordato and this is Future Forward. Then, as Robots loom on the horizon One Politician says he has a plan. Then, we’ll go even further – what if Robot’s ‘Replace’ politicians?
I’m Steven Rosenbaum… or an algorithm program to sound like me. Let’s Launch!

A lot has changed in the more than 100 years since Labor Day was first recognized and celebrated. Two world wars, space travel, penicillan, the evolution from a rural to urban society, the evolution from an agricultural to manufacturing to service economy. To most of us, Labor Day’s origins and meaning are long forgotten; lost in history books abandoned on library shelves. But what’s more, in the context of our modern society, on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, what does Labor Day mean now?
Larry Boyer = Medium 2018

Part #1 – Labor Day 2040. Robots Take Your Job –

Labor Day 2040: What Happens When Robots Do All the Work?

Labor Day in the Age of AI, Robots and Automation

The robots are coming for your job, too

The Impact of Robotics and Automation on Working Conditions and Employment

Part #2 Politics. What if President Yang Gets It Right – and Robots put money in your pocket?

The Surprising Surge of Andrew Yang

What Andrew Yang Gets Wrong (and Right) About Robots

Elon Musk backs presidential candidate Andrew Yang

Part #3: Did Robots Help Elect Trump

Robots Can’t Vote, but They Helped Elect Trump

Why robots helped Donald Trump win

How Automation Turns Us Into Trump Voters

Part #4: Robots As Politicians.

Mr. Robot goes to Washington: How AI will change democracy

Can We Replace Politicians With Robots?

Could robots do better than our current leaders?

How Robots Will Break Politics

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