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Happy Birthday - Wikipedia

Today, Happy Birthday to Wikipedia. Can you guess hold old they are.

Then,  Amazon’s best kept secret – why it matters.

And, Yup, it’s CES time, virtual this year, but still so many gadgets.

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Chapter 1 Wikipedia – Happy 20th Birthday.

“It’s not just what’s known…it’s actually what’s not known that reveals quite a lot about a society.” Celebrating 

“What is beautiful about 


 is that it reflects our human biases in some really problematic ways, but it also reflects our aspirations for what it is we can do better.” —Our CEO Katherine Maher / Manoush Zomorodi 

On its 20th birthday, Wikipedia might be the safest place online


Elon Musk Extends Wishes On Wikipedia’s 20th Birthday, Says ‘So Glad You Exist’


The Capitol attack set off a raging debate on Wikipedia: what to call it?


NYC Media Lab Celebrates Wikipedia’s 20th Birthday (full video)

Chapter 2 Amazon – The Gift Of Easy Returns

Amazon, Target, and Walmart forgo returns processing and let consumers keep unwanted products in cost-saving push


5 insider pro secrets for shopping on Amazon you’ll wish you knew sooner


Where Amazon Returns Go to Be Resold by Hustlers


Chapter 3 CES, minus the throbbing feet 

Best of CES 2021: Pandemic tech, green tech, air taxis and lots of robots

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