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Future Forward
Future Forward
#001 Fake News Showdown In Washington

Future Forward:

Tech is driving changes in how we connect, share, fight, love, and come unglued. The hardware (gear) is impacting the software (us) in ways big and small. The gig economy sets us free of the cubicle but creates a 24/7 feedback loop of clients, pitches, and notifications. New innovations in media move information faster, in a blur of info bursts that make fact and fiction interchangeable. We have a Twitter Presidency.

We’re living through a moment of extraordinary innovation – Augmented Reality, DNA Medicine, The Democratization of Publishing. Driverless Cars. Artificial Intelligence. Amazing. But tech changes faster than humans – so the conflicts between the emerging global citizen and generations tied to nations, cultures, and closed borders are sure to fuel conflict. A battle between the future and the past.

Each week on Future Forward we’ll explore the undercurrents, changes, wonders, and innovation that are making the world exciting, complicated, and scary. Cool startups. Great hardware. And the battles over work, nations, and laws.

Part 1- Today. Tech. Civics. Sociology.

– The Coming Showdown in DC over Fake News – Nov 1 congressional hearings with Facebook/Twitter/Google


What to expect when Twitter, Facebook, and Google testify in Congress on Nov. 1

Facebook, Google, Twitter: How tech giants are involved in the Russia investigation

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is demanding more information from Facebook and Twitter about Russian users on their sites

Part 2– Tomorrow: What’s Around The Corner.

– The iPhone X (big or bust?) Does it light up AR? Supply chain issues?


First-day preorders for the iPhone X sell out in minutes, Apple says demand is ‘off the charts’

Thanks, Apple: You saved me from an expensive mistake (buying an iPhone X)

Apple iPhone X Pre-Orders Sell Out In Minutes, Won’t Be Back In Stock Till December

Part 3- The Future.

– Are smartphones addictive? (or is it social media)


Digital Dopamine: When ‘Delightful’ Becomes a Drug

The iPhone is the crack cocaine of technology. Don’t celebrate its birthday

Understanding Cell Phone Addiction

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