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Future Forward
Future Forward #402 Media & Climate

Today – Is Ransomware on the Rise? Is sure is! 

The, the Climate Change story, what the media is getting right, and wrong. 

And, the rocky relationship between Grub Hub and the Restaurants.  

I’m Steven Rosenbaum and this is Future Forward.

I’m Alexa Scordato – Let’s Launch! 

Intro: Laura Fitton, social media innovator, and now with a focus on the Climate Economy. She says our businesses and business models are at risk, and the smart money is on changing them. how we all earn, spend, save, and invest currently funds destruction and puts our money itself on risk. there are lots of ways to change that but we’re not talking about them enough yet. 

And she’s our shiny new co-host! Welcome, Laura Fitton – @pistachio



Chapter 1 is the Media missing the Climate Story? 


Exclusive: AP adds 20 positions to new climate desk


Media hypes climate disaster if Build Back Better plan fails: ‘Civilizational’ stakes


Good news: The media is getting the facts right on climate change


Chapter 1 – Ransomware on the Rise:

Chapter 2 Ransomware attacks more than doubled last year – 


Chapter 3 does Grub Hub Hurt Resturaunts 

The True Cost of Convenience


Chicago Restaurateur Cancels Grub Hub & Other Apps – ‘I’m Not Making Money’ |

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