This week. Almost 200,000 people are headed to Vegas for the annual Tech Orgy known as CES. The Consumer Electronics Show. 4,400 exhibitors. 2.7 million square feet of trade show floor. TV screens, drones, robots, cars, an ’smart’ everything. But this year – some trepidation. Is the tech party over?
I’m Gene DeRose – on a virtual tour of CES and I’m Steven Rosenbaum, this is Future Forward – Let’s Launch.

CES – 2019 Tech Rolls Out

TV’s 4k becomes 8k? What does that mean? (rollable)

Virtual assistants everywhere

Intelligent, entertaining cars

Smarter homes

The year of 5G

AR and VR: Closer to reality, but not there yet

Wearables: More health, less fitness

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