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FuFWD: 2018 Year In Review / #0056

FuFWD: 2018 Year In Review / #0056

2018 – in Review. News. Tech. Politics. Automation. Social Media. Web Video. Facebook. Amazon. Netflix. Winners and Losers. A look back this week on Future Forward. I’m Steve Rosenbaum and I’m Gene DeRose, let’s Launch.

The Year In Review:

1. News.
Newsonomics: 18 lessons for the news business from 2018

Newsonomics: 18 lessons for the news business from 2018

2. Automation
19 Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Dominate In 2018

3. Tech and Politics.

4. Amazon vs. Netflix – Game On:

Netflix vs Disney: A Year of Warfare Likely Will Escalate In 2019

5. Facebook

6. NYC becomes a Tech Hub (amazon / google)

7. In Memoriam

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