Future Forward
Future Forward
Future Forward
Halloween. Bob Garfield's Favorite Holiday. Future Forward #434

Today: A pod in 3 parts. Part 1, regretfully, we must – must – talk Twitter. Because the various version of social media Armageddon is just too good – red meat – to feed to Bob Garfield. Then, NYC and guns, a solution, or a bad idea? And finally, top tech fails of the past 20 years. I’m Steven Rosenbaum, and this is Future Forward, here with my podcasting partner in crime, Bob Garfield.

Hey Bob. Any chance you’ve been to an early-voting site yet?

Part one – Musk.

Welcome to hell, Elon You break it, you buy it.

  • https://www.theverge.com/2022/10/28/23428132/elon-musk-twitter-acquisition-problems-speech-moderation

(It’s possible we could just read this whole piece out loud. It’s so fucking funny).

Part 2

NYC and Gun Detection:

Part 3
Top Tech Fails, and the ones on the horizon

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