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Facebook, News, and Lina Khan - W/ Bob Garfield

Today, a pod in 3 chapters.

Chapter 1: Facebook’s on-again, off-again love affair with News Publishers. Why it’s treating Australian publishers so much better than the media makers in the US?

Then Chapter 2 – who is Lina Khan? Why does the newly minted FTC chair seems poised to upend decades of anti-trust law. Can she pull it off?

And finally Chapter 3 – Content discovery. It used to be that you searched, and discovered new things to watch, read, and listen to. But as the volume of choices has grown from a drip to a flood to a tsunami, is human curation destined to be eaten by voracious and profit-driven algorithms?

So, that’s the menu, and joining us at the feast of content conversations is friend and content curmudgeon Bob Garfield. Brilliant media provocateur, and friend of media makers big and small. Let’s the Facebook feast commence!

FB cut news funding



Lina Kahan is taking no prisoners

FTC’s Lina Khan Overruled Staff to Sue Meta Over Virtual-Reality Deal (META) – Bloomberg

F.T.C. Chair Lina Khan Upends Antitrust Standards by Suing Meta – The New York Times

Why content discovery is broken

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