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Future Forward
Data. Privacy, and Freedom. Future Forward #348

Today. Data. Privacy, and Freedom.  Where do we draw the line?Then. Zillo and AirBnB – is America on the Move? And Eli Pariser – years after Seeing a world of Filter Bubbles… can he build a better way? I’m Alexa Scordato – and this is Future Forward. I’m Steven Rosenbaum… Let’s Launch –


1.  Privacy, Data, and Freedom – where do we draw the line? 

Three stories came up that all relate to one another:

  • Intel & Nvidia selling chips that power AI surveillance of minority groups in China (NYTimes
  • CEO of IT consultancy provides DDoS protection for the Daily Stormer; claims neutrality helps combat Nazism =\ (h/t Ellen Pao/Sleeping Giants
  • WordPress bans The Conservative TreeHouse (WPTavern)

2.  How is AirBnB planning an IPO in the COVID world? 

And then this story can transition us from that topic into the AirBnB IPO: 

Zillow Surfing is the escape we all need right now

(So not only is AirBnB potentially a preferred solution during covid – perceived safety over hotels – but it’s also high entertainment value along other sites like Zillow & Streeteasy) 

  • AirBnB’s Chinese data policies reportedly cost it an executive (Verge)
  • SEC S-1 Filing (original doc)  
  • A lot of people have picked up on the fact that 91% of AirBnB traffic in the last 9 months is from organic/unpaid channels. In other words, they’re not dependent on Facebook and Google from a customer acquisition standpoint and have major brand equity amongst users. 
  • Contrary to the spirit of Prop 22 and the likes of Uber and DoorDash, AirBnB is actually rolling out a direct share program that will allow qualifying hosts to get in on the action. (Source)
    • Unprecedented program. Not 100% perfect. It leaves out 86% of hosts who are based outside the US. (Link)

3 What is Eli Pariser building next? After UpWorthy?

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