Future Forward
Future Forward
CNN Kills Reliable Sources, and, Adam Neumann sees money FLOW.

Bob Garfield says Media Criticism is in grave danger.

Today – a pod in two chapters.

Chapter 1. CNN is getting out of the media criticism business – after THIRTY years. How does the the termination of both Reliable Sources and Host Brian Stelter portend a less introspective time for media prognostication? Or was it just Brian? We’ll dig in.

Then Chapter 2 –

Adam Neumann’s staggering melt down at We Work doesn’t seem to have tarnish his brand in Silicon Valley. So, what’s the real story about his new startup FLOW. Is is the HBO Drama all you need to know about Nueman, or is there more to the story?

I’m Steven Rosenbaum, and his is Future Forward – and Bob Garfield is back to help pilot the Pod. He Bob, Welcome.

Chapter 1: The State of Media Criticism after CNN cancels 30 year old show. Stelter


Chapter 2 BASED ON A TRUE STORY: Adam Neumann – the real vs. the fictional one.
HBOmax: WeCrashed
The Billion Dollar Looser (non-fiction)


Anytime tomorrow afternoon, or anytime Saturday.

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