Future Forward
Future Forward
Cars Are Sexy in COVID Land

Today, as people get tired of being trapped in their homes.. Let’s talk about CARS. Road Trip! Then, for a more ‘virtual escape’, what’s going with VR – Lot’s it turns out. And, the strange changes at Crisis Text Line. They’re in a crisis of their own. I’m Alexa Scordato and this is Future Forward. I’m Steven Rosenbaum, let’s launch – 

Let’s Talk About Cars:

BMW, Mercedes Benz end ‘long term’ automated driving alliance, for now

VW vows to go it alone on software despite mishaps


Tesla’s Cybertruck Will Debut At The Petersen Auto Museum This Weekend


Why is VR not a COVID Thing? 

In-depth: Despite some hiccups, COVID-19 is VR’s time to shine


VR Can Be the Film Industry’s Future, but the Barriers to Entry Are Surreal

Apple VR headset revealed in new report — but there’s bad news for Apple Glass


This Apple VR headset leak is juicy — watch out, Oculus!


What happened at Crisis Text Line?


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