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Future Forward
Future Forward
Can The Roe Battle Make The Web Better? FF #422

Today, the battle over reproductive rights is now a battle moving online.
Then, as the clock ticks – Big Tech Legislation is coming down to the wire.
And Apple AI – is it really a game changer, and when will it arrive?
I’m with Laura Fitton, and this is Future Forward.
I’m Steven Rosenbaum, Let’s Launch –

Chapter #1: The Battle for Women’s Health is being fought Online:

How Abortion Misinformation and Disinformation Spread Online

Instagram and Facebook begin removing posts offering abortion pills

Gen Z is influencing the abortion debate — from TikTok

Toxic and Ineffective: Experts Warn Against ‘Herbal Abortion’ Remedies on TikTok

In a Post-Roe World, the Future of Digital Privacy Looks Even Grimmer

Chapter #2: Legislation:

Big Tech legislation is coming down to the wire. Will Americans care if it doesn’t get passed?

Chapter #3: Will apple AI really make things different?

Amazing AR demo shows us the exciting future of Apple Glasses

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