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Bonkers Billions for Big Tech (Future Forward)

Today – Roku is declaring war on streaming apps – and it could get ugly

Meanwhile, Big Tech rings the register on  Big Billions.  And, Basecamp’s CEO announced he was limiting political speech, resulting in almost a third of the companies employees handing in their resignations.  I’m Steven Rosenbaum and this is Future Forward. I’m Alexa Scordato. – Let’s Launch!

What’s going on at basecamp

Basecamp Employees Are Leaving After CEO Bans Politics at Work


Basecamp implodes as employees flee company, including senior staff


Big Tech Billions

Big Tech $100 Billion Foreign-Profit Hoard Targeted by Tax Plan


Google’s and Microsoft’s Profits Soar as Pandemic Benefits Big Tech


‘A Perfect Positive Storm’: Bonkers Dollars for Big Tech

Roku and YouTube go to war? 

Roku removes YouTube TV from channel store as dispute with Google escalates


Contract dispute removes Spectrum TV app from the Roku streaming store


Use Roku? You may lose access to a popular streaming service

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