Future Forward
Future Forward
Bob Garfield, Mar a lago, and Nukes - Future Forward #424

Today – A pod in two acts. Act 1, you’ve heard plenty about Mara Lago, the FBI search, and the unspooling drama about the security issues and nuclear secrets. But friend of the Pod Bob Garfield says there’s more to the story. And he sees the unspooling conspiracy theories being tweeted out by democrats as part of a troubling trend. Then, as a growing chorus of voices says that social media is addictive to teens, California was poised to write some ground breaking legislation. Now it’s dead, so what happened? Finally, Snap Chat puts in place some parental controls that seem promising. I’m Steven Rosenbaum, and this is Future Forward, let’s launch.

  1. Trump and the FBI, and Helicopter Passengers:

Trump’s Seized Documents Point to Probe Into Handling of Secrets

Search warrant reveals new details about scope of FBI investigation

Here’s How Republicans Are Brushing Off The FBI Search Of Trump’s Residence

  1. California’s Addicted Minor’s Bill Dies in Legislator

California Bill Targeting Social-Media Giants for Harm to Children Dies in Legislature

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