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Future Forward
Future Forward
Billion Dollar Bezos - What’s Next? Future Forward #356

 Bezos. I’ve got a fantasy list of what he can buy with 196 Billion Dollars. 


– The Impeachment Trial: It’s a battle for the mood of the American People.


– NYC’s Next Mayor. Who Will It Be and Why?



As a Princeton student, Bezos attended O’Neill seminars and ran the campus chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.

it unilaterally raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour in the U.S.

Amazon might be a vast corporation, with more than 600,000 employees, but it is also the extension of one brilliant, willful man with an incredible knack for bending the world to his values.

after jackie bezos’s shotgun marriage to a member of a traveling unicyclist troupe dissolved, she dedicated herself to their only progeny. The teenage mother from Albuquerque became her son’s intellectual champion.

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