Future Forward
Future Forward
Around The World - Web Power Pushes Back

Today – around the world – the connected web is giving new power to individuals who want to support Ukraine in a time of need. Then – a look at Kentucky and why its teacher’s retirement system invested in a Russian bank and lost their money. And, finally, we look at SXSW, its upcoming return being in person in Austin and the controversies that swirl around its Texas home. I’m Laura Fitton, and this is Future Forward. I’m Steven Rosenbaum, let’s launch!

Chapter 1: Sending Messages of Support: 

Sending ‘a message of support’: How Airbnb bookings are helping Ukrainians


Major brands pulling out of Russia – pick your favorite outlet/story (maybe adweek?) 


What we can learn about Zelensky from his Servant of the People sitcom


Support Ukraine


Chapter 2: Kentuck and Russia: 

Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement Fund lost $3M in selling investment in Russian bank


Rumors of Kentucky teacher retirement system’s large investment in Russia are ‘completely false,’ lawyer says


Chapter 3: SXSW – 

Clubhouse says it won’t be attending SXSW 2022 because of Texas’ trans rights


10 Tech Talks During SXSW You Won’t Want to Miss

How Austin Became One of the Least Affordable Cities in America

The Creator Economy vs Media Death Stars

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