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Future Forward
Future Forward
Advertisers 'pause' FB / Future Foward #326

Big Advertisers Pulling out of Social Media?

Is this the start of something big – or just a retrenchment.

 I’m Steven Rosenbaum We’ll dig in on Todays edition of Future Forward

and I’m Alexa Scordato. Apple’s builds its own chip. Is it a big deal.

Well, we’ll see – Let’s Launch

Chapter 1 – The Social Media Ad Ban

Social media ad ban 


PR stunts?

Reacting to all the news, The Verge’s Casey Newton tweeted, “Very cynical take: ad budgets are shrinking already during the pandemic. Why not get some applause for it?” Newton raises a fair point. Faced with shrinking ad budgets, companies pulling back from Facebook are accomplishing two things at once: cutting costs and getting a wave of positive PR for taking a stand.

Chapter 2 – Apple and it’s own chips

Apple’s Relentless Strategy, Execution, and Point of View


Chapter 3 – COBO

Meet COBO, a COVID-19 Self-Assessment Chatbot

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