Today – Will Bloomberg’s Digital Skills Win Him The White House? Then are Married Co-Founders A Formula For Success? And Instagram Gets Serious about TV. This is Future Forward, I’m Alexa Scordato, I’m Steven Rosenbaum, Let’s Launch!

Chapter 1


Mike Bloomberg doesn’t want Silicon Valley’s money. He does want its employees.

Bloomberg is going after Trump on his home turf: Facebook

Bloomberg’s campaign prompts Facebook to reverse its ad policy

Mike Bloomberg’s new campaign ad features dogs claiming they love him

Chapter 2

Married co-founders are a startup’s secret weapon

20 yrs and counting! Snapdeal co-founders shared a decade-old friendship, before becoming biz partners

Chapter 3

Instagram Makes it Easier for Creators to Upload Videos to IGTV


Instagram is experimenting with IGTV monetization, which isn’t already a thing for some reason

What Does the Future of Instagram Look Like?

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