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Future Forward
Future Forward
#314 Future Forward: The Future of COVID-19.

Today – on Future Forward-looking forward, we’ll explore how a global health crisis is changing the way we look at a digital future, Joined by Glen Zorpette from IEEE Spectrum I’m Alexa Scordato and I’m Steven Rosenbaum – Let’s Launch

CHAPTER 1 The power and peril of the internet

COVID-19 Makes It Clear That Broadband Access Is a Human Right

Closing the ‘Digital Divide’ Critical in COVID-19 Response

How to fight an infodemic

CHAPTER 2 Treatments

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Treat COVID-19 Patients in China

Halting COVID-19: The Benefits and Risks of Digital Contact Tracing

CHAPTER 3 The future

When might experimental drugs to treat Covid-19 be ready? A forecast

Pop-Up Open Source Medical Hardware Projects Won’t Stop Coronavirus, but Might Be Useful Anyway. Here’s Why

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