Future Forward

Is a car without a steering wheel – still a car? You’ll have to decide – soon. then it’s a Big Week, with tech numbers that are sure to impact your IRA. And 5g. What is it? And are marketers messing up some really good tech? This is Future Forward. I’m Gene DeRose and I’m Steven Rosenbaum… let’s launch!

Driverless: What’s Next

In 2019, We’ll Have Taxis Without Drivers—or Steering Wheels

Baby, you can’t drive my cube: All the insane self-driving lounges at CES 2019

By The Numbers:

Tech is ready to respond to Wall Street’s doubts, but don’t expect a holiday miracle

Amazon helped 50,000 SMBs generate $500,000 in sales

Netflix – postiive

Other chip makers worth paying close attention to include Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD, +2.57% which reports Jan. 23, and Nvidia Corp.NVDA, +3.43% AMD and Nvidia are hoping to gain some share from Intel in the corporate data center as a way to help fuel more growth, and investors will be waiting for more data. Nvidia was hit by a big drop in cryptocurrency mining that overloaded its sales channel last quarter, and suffered more jitters in December about a shortfall in its graphics processing units.

So, 5g. Ok, what is it exactly?

5G phones make a lot of promises. Here’s what to really expect

What US Cities Will Get 5G In 2019?

5G Is Coming This Year. Here’s What You Need to Know.

and – 5G controversy –

AT&T is branding 4G networks and phones as 5G in a marketing scam

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