Future Forward

This week – Big Tech Giants Bulk Up on New York City. Then – is Fake News Now Standard at The White House. And the changing face of urban transit. UberPool and Micro Transit. and more. That’s what we’ve got in store for this week’s Future Forward, I’m Gene De Rose and I’m Steve Rosenbaum – let’s launch

Tech Real Estate: NY Bulks Up

Amazon HQ2 may bypass City Council to settle in Long Island City

What to Expect When Amazon Arrives in Long Island City

Google Is Said to Be Shopping for More Real Estate in New York

White House and Face News:

– Jim Acosta Fake Video

White House shares manipulated Infowars video to justify CNN press ban

Jim Acosta: White House shares apparently doctored video posted by conspiracy site InfoWars to justify suspending CNN reporter’s press pass

Sarah Sanders Defends Tweeting Video Of Jim Acosta Incident Amid Claims Clip Was Doctored
Sarah Sanders Defends Tweeting Video Of Jim Acosta Incident Amid Claims Clip Was Doctored – Update

The Future of Urban Traffic. Parking, Micro-Transit, and Uber, and Driverlesss Cars.

Uber Pool


How issues of microtransit, congestion and parking are closing in on cities

Uber offers up Ride Pass monthly subscription service for discounted rates on rides

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