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Welcome To FutureForward. Today – the future of the Phone Company.Is ATT&T on the verge of being pushed out of relevancy by FAANG? Or Just a great big phone company that wants to get bigger. Well, it depends on who you believe. Then – More moves in the Over The Top world. And – for a trip into the future, we’ll travel to the Tribeca Film Festival – Virtual Arcade. I’m Steven Rosenbaum and I’m Gene DeRose. Ready to launch Future Forward!

Future Forward Rundown:

open, Loving and Hating –

1). AT&T / Time Warner

Time Warner C.E.O. Testifies That AT&T Merger Is Needed to Battle Silicon Valley

AT&T CEO defends Time Warner merger in court

From the witness stand, AT&T chief details new $15-a-month streaming service

2). OTT Moves:
YouYube Takes a bite of Chedder

YouTube TV adds its first digital-only networks with launch of two channels from Cheddar

Verizon Video Stratedy

Source: Verizon to sharpen content strategy with OTT video service, IoT platform

3. Tribeca Virtual Reality

#WarGames VR (World Premiere) – USA

objects in mirror AR closer than they appear (World Premiere) – USA
Based on the critically acclaimed theatrical performance The Object Lesson, objects in mirror AR closer than they appear fuses augmented-reality technology with an immersive theater installation, inviting audiences to reflect on the relationship between new media and archaic objects; 21st-century technology and 19th-century magic; and memory and optical illusion. The piece creates a philosophical playground to explore the shifting relationship between images,
memories, and things.

Terminal 3 (World Premiere) – USA, Pakistan
Project Creator: Asad J. Malik
Key Collaborators: Kaleidoscope VR, Anita Gou, RYOT, Philipp Schaeffer, Viva Wittman, Jack Daniel Gerrard,
Musa Ghaznavi
Terminal 3 is an interactive, augmented-reality documentary that explores contemporary Muslim identities in the U.S.through the lens of an airport interrogation. As viewers put on the Hololens, they step into the uncanny to directly interrogate and determine the fate of, the hologram passenger before them. These interrogations become strikingly personal encounters that only end when the participant decides if the hologram should be let into the country or not—but there is a twist.

Into the Now (World Premiere) – USA
Project Creator: Michael Muller
Key Collaborators: Michael Smith, Morne Hardenberg Director and legendary shark photographer Michael Muller’s lifelong fear of sharks eventually led him to discover the tranquility and peace of mind that is possible underwater, engaged with these curious and intimidating creatures. This stunning documentary, a revolutionary, stereoscopic virtual-reality experience, explores marine life and ocean
conservation via Muller’s own internal journey.

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