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Welcome To Future Forward, I’m Steve Rosenbaum, And I’m Gene DeRose. Today – a show in four parts. Part One: Addiction, Teens and Social Media. Part Two: Video Games – Are They Really Dangerous? Part Three: Apple. Are they losing the education market to Chrome books? And Part Four: Sex – How the web is changing intimacy for Teens
So – lots to cover, let’s dive in – starting as we do each week with Loving and Hating.

Kids and Technology: Hard Questions About How We Raise A Techno Teen

Chapter 1: Addiction & Social Media

Your Kid’s Phone Is Not Like a Cigarette

What parents should do instead of worrying that smartphones will ‘destroy’ their kids

The real danger for kids today isn’t technology — it’s psychology
The real danger for kids today isn’t technology — it’s psychology

Is Instagram safe for kids?

Chapter 2: Video Games:

It’s True: Violent Video Games Are Totally Sick

Are video games bad for your kids? Not so much, experts now believe

Should parents worry that their kids are playing Fortnite: Battle Royale?

Chapter 3: Hardware & Apple

Apple highlights existing parental control features on new Families page

Kids Expect Apple To Meld Creativity And Education, Says Its Retail Chief

Apple reveals new $299 iPad at education-themed event

Chapter 4: Sex

Why you need to talk to your kids about ‘sextortion’

The Problem With Watching Porn and Playing Video Games — For Girls

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