Bots. The Good, The Bad, The Evil. How to understand the coming Battle of the Bots

– Twitter Bots

How to spot a Twitter bot

Twitter executive on fake news: ‘We are not the arbiters of truth’

– Facebook Bots

How do you know if a Facebook account is real or fake?

– Linked In

LinkedIn scams – how to spot fake connection requests & fake recruiters

How to Spot the Most Common LinkedIn Scams

Human Tests

Think fast – this system watches you answer questions to make sure you’re human

Think fast – this system watches you answer questions to make sure you're human

What’s the difference between “good” bots and “bad” bots?


The Follower Factory – Inside social media’s black market.

After Florida School Shooting, Russian ‘Bot’ Army Pounced

Build Your Own Chat Bot;

Amazon Lex – Conversational interfaces for your applications Powered by the same deep learning technologies as Alexa!4422!3!243293793597!p!!g!!chatbot&ef_id=WkeymgAAAIVvYQ8g:20180221164537:s


14 most powerful platforms to build a Chatbot

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