Future Forward #008

What Ever Happened To Social Shopping?

w/Steven Rosenbaum and  Gene DeRose

In 2011 Tech Crunch wrote: “There are about a million Tweets a day with the word “I Want,” and now there is a mobile photo sharing app that can capture all those things people want and share them with the world. The iPhone app is called Want!, the site is Want.it, and the concept is simple: you take a picture of things you want, give it a description, and share it with friends.”

It was the right idea, too early maybe. But today -Gene says Social Shopping is ready for prime time – so why isn’t it taking off?

A New Mobile App For "Quickly Window Shopping The World." Do You Want.it?

The 5 Best Tools for Social Commerce in 2018





Will Facebook’s foray into social commerce give OLX and Quikr the jitters?



The Fancy’s E-Commerce Expansion Continues With Launch Of “Buy” Button For Web Publishers



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