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Steve and Gene’s Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Future Forward – we spend every waking hour thinking about tech. How it works, were it’s broken, and how it impacts our lives, our families and our future. And that means thinking about new gizmo and gadget and scribbling down our favorites for months.

So, as the season of gift giving arrives, and tech is at the top of lots of naughty and nice lists – we’re taking that knowledge and creating the Steve and Gene Future Forward gift guides for your shopping pleasure.

No matter who you shop for – even if that person is you – we’ve found some amazing gifts to snatch up before the other elves grab them up.

Gaming / AR / VR

Tech /Audiophiles:

Smart Home:


Charity / Giving

Oh, and just for a splash of Grinch – Shitty Charities to watch out for:

– Feed the Children
– Kars for Kids
– Wonder Work
– VietNow

Top paid Charity CEO’s (you’ll never guess who’s #1)